# Installation

# Before Starting

Unplug all cables and remove the disc in the drive.

# Open the console

Flip the console back. Remove the five screws.

VA0 Open back

With VA0 Version remove the screw near the power plug VA0 PSU Screw

# Remove the cd drive

  • Unplug the 2 connectors on the left side(power and cd detection).
  • Unplug the ribon cable.

VA0 Cd drive

# Install Fenrir

  • Put Fenrir on the 3d printed holder.
  • Plug the power cable (4 pins connector).

# If using the original cable

Plug the ribon cable, fold on itself. VA0 Fenrir used flex

# If using a new flex cable

Plug the flex cable with the reinforced tape (blue) in the correct direction. VA1 Fenrir new flex

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