# Wifi (WIP)


This documentation is only for beta tester and not finished

# Firmware

The firmware contains:

  • Http server: Allow to remotely control fenrir by using an http rest api
  • Http client: Allow to stream content from a custom webserver

Wifi starts 2 seconds after power on.

The web ui is always active, you can use the client api in games.

The menu doesn't handle yet open/close/launch api

# Setup wifi

You can setup wifi by editing the fenrir.cfg in the sd root with the correct settings.

    "wifi_host": "", // ip of the webserver
    "wifi_ssid": "ssid", // mandatory wifi ssid
    "wifi_password": "password" // mandatory wifi password

# Launch Game streaming

In games browser use L/R Button to switch between WIFI and SD games browsing

It will stream data from the webserver

# Web ui

Once fenrir connected to wifi, open http://fenrir/ The web ui allow you to launch games (SD Only for the moment), Close and Open the lid.

# Webserver https://github.com/Fenrir-ode/webserver (opens new window)

Last Updated: 5/25/2022, 8:27:01 AM